Thinuna MX-D26 Digital Mixer

The MX-D series is the latest digital mixer of Thinuna. It comes from engineers' perfect understanding of music and various engineering applications for many years. It is equipped with high-defini

  • Model No.: MX-D26
  • Name: Digital Mixer
  • Standard: CE,ROHS


The MX-D series is the new digital mixer of Thinuna. It comes from engineers' perfect understanding of music and various engineering applications for many years. It is equipped with high-definition touch screen, built-in high-efficiency DSP, and has super powerful processing ability. The entire series also has the characteristics of super dynamics and ultra-low noise floor. Combined with its advanced microphone amplification technology and perfect quality management, it can provide a thorough and bright and real voice restoration, and the dynamic and restoration of music are equally outstanding. At each level of signal amplification processing, our designers strive for perfection to ensure good gain, wide dynamic range, and better sound effects, so that the sound is warm, transparent, layered, and elastic. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for the integration of various AV systems such as business conference, multi-functional hall, government enterprise conference room, stadium, mobile performance, mobile sound reinforcement, band performance, live performance, etc.

MX-D26 has powerful functions and professional mixing effects, which can meet the demanding needs of professionals. The design standard of the MX-D26 digital mixer is professional live performance, which enables the MX-D26 to be widely used in stage performance, song and dance hall, live audio program recording, music screening hall and other places. It also has the characteristics of simple operation, flexibility, and portability, so that less experienced users can quickly master and use. MX-D26 is compatible with Android, IOS, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows devices. It can use a network cable to connect computer and MX-D26 for remote control. Tablet, mobile phone, and computer terminal can also connect to the MX-D26's hotspot / WIFI signal for remote control.



  •  Input section: 26-channel inputs include 12-CH microphone inputs, 4-CH mono inputs, 2-CH stereo inputs, 3-CH digital stereo inputs (S / PDIF, USB sound card, USB playback);

  •  Output section: 1-CH stereo main output, 8-CH Bus outputs, 1-CH stereo monitor output, 3-CH stereo digital outputs (S / PDIF + AES / EBU, USB sound card, USB recording);

  •  Each input can copy the channel that has been debugged, and each output can also be copied freely;

  •  48KHz sampling rate;

  •  10-inch large LCD HD touch display screen;

  •  Equipped with 9 sets of 100MM electric faders and 4 page turning management buttons;

  •  Built-in 4-band parametric equalizer;

  •  Can be configured with dual-track U disk recording storage or dual-track USB sound card;

  •  Can connect to a computer via a LAN port to control this device; comes with a hotspot / WIFI signal, and the tablet, mobile phone, and computer can also control the device by connecting the MX-D26's hotspot / WIFI signal (compatible with Android, IOS, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows, support cross-platform access);

  •  Built-in 2-channel digital effectors, can edit various effect modes;

  •  1 total effect mute group key and 3 programmable mute group keys can achieve one-key group mute;

  •  All input or output channels can be linked arbitrarily as a group of stereo;

  •  Each microphone input has separate +48V switch phantom power supply for condenser microphone input;

  •  100 ~ 240VAC global universal switching power supply.



Model No.


Mic input

-20dB~70dB, 5kΩ, balance

Line input

-20dB~20dB, 5kΩ, balance

Output impedance


Output gain range


Dynamic Range


Frequency response

20Hz~20KHz: + / -0.5


-20dBFS @ 1kHz :<0.01%

Phantom power



Global universal voltage: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz;

Operating temperature / humidity

-10°C~55°C, 0%~90%