Thinuna MDA series Multi-Channel amplifier(Tour Equipment)

MDA series professional power amplifier as the King of the tour and it designed for large-scale concerts, tours, theaters, concert halls, nightclubs, DISCO and other professional venues, Not only have superior stability but also with the high-fidelity sound quality. The entire series use switching power supply and TD class circuit design with high efficiency, stable and reliable, and perfect sound quality.

  • Model No.: MDA-8002,MDA-13002,MDA-18002,MDA-8004,MDA-13004
  • Name: MDA series Multi-Channel amplifier
  • Standard: CCC,CE,ROHS


MDA series professional power amplifier as the tour equipment and it designed for large-scale concerts, tours, theaters, concert halls, nightclubs, DISCO and other professional venues, Not only have superior stability but also with the high-fidelity sound quality. The entire series use switching power supply and TD class circuit design with high efficiency, stable and reliable, and perfect sound quality.

MDA series amplifier to overcome the problems like: Power not strong for Class AB and Overheat of Class H. It has implements the proofread of class D amplifier and did not effects the sound quality. Also the MDA series amplifier solved the problems as : weight, dimensions, overheat of High-power amplifier. MDA series amplifier uses the smallest performance to output the large signal, which greatly improves the efficiency of power amplifier.

TD class means "Tracking Class D", That is, the power source tracks the audio signal at all frequencies. Although the final output stage is still of class AB, the principle of the class D power amplifier high-speed switch is added. The entire audio path remains under analog and the signal is not converted to digital pulses and filtered like a Class D amplifier not change into digital impulse the same as Class D amplifier. Class D technology can work well with all load, The output frequency response still have flat curve,output can be bridged and high reliability even when the load as low as 2 ohms.

The MDA series Amplifier earned a well-known reputation for many years!



1. Using Class-TD circuit topology and high-efficiency switch power designed for the power supply. With high-efficiency, power conversion, powerful output, low power consumption and environment protection.

2. 2. VPL technology allows the amplifier to work within the safe range of its hardware. It still can make sure with a well-controlled output even in the case of clipping. One amplifier can work under different occasions by VPL power management. For example: Use 1 or 2 output (isolated or bridge) to drive the bass cabinet. 1 or 2 output working for the main extend speaker, and then the Fourth output work to the distribution PA system.

3. VHF technology from the VHF detection circuit with intelligent resolute music signal and abnormal signal, Normal signals can full power through. When the dangerous VHF signals happen and the output will be muted, If the dangerous signals did not continuous, the output will automatically unmute. Meanwhile, the VHF error indicator at the front panel of amplifier turns on.

4. Perfect protection system: The entire device with a full-function protection which includes the power soft-start, current overload and short circuit, overheating, UHF, clipping limiter functions. Especially the no-relay output function, its fast response and accurate is much better than the relays.

5. Perfect designed cooling system: The amplifier can minimize the heat dissipation requirements while outputting high power. The radiator use a short duct of copper strip fin in order to make sure the output transistor keep in the same temperature. Also its thermal performance much better than aluminum radiator.

6. All input and output used in all Neutrik genuine original, The full range power output transistors from Onsemi, Improved the reliability of the devices for a long time demanding environments.



Power sourceAC170V-260V
Power plugStandard 3 insert
Finish2U iron box design
Number of channel2CH4CH
Stereo 8Ω2X800W2X1300W2X1800W4X800W4X1300W
Stereo 4Ω2X1600W2X2200W2X3200W4X1600W4X2200W
Stereo 2Ω2X2000W2X3000W2X4800W4X2000W4X3000W
Bridging 8Ω3200W4200W6400W3200W+3200W4200W+4200W
Bridging 4Ω4000W6000W9800W4000W+4000W6000W+6000W
Distortion<0.1%@1kHz, -10dB, 4Ω
Frequency response5Hz-60kHz@0/-3dB, 1W, 8Ω
S/N radio    110dB@20Hz-20KHz
Damping coefficient500@10-100Hz, 8ohms
Output stageClass-TD
Max output voltage80V102V120V80V102V
LED indicatorPower source/Signal/Distortion/Clipping
Power switchFront panel for turn on /Main power supply switch for turn off
DIP switchSelection for input modes and sensitivity
Preipheral connection4-CH power sockets
Input connectorBalanced XLR male socket
Output connector2个SPEAKON(Pro-audio interface)4个SPEAKON(Pro-audio interface)
Cooling systemDual variable-speed fans, from front to rear exhaust
Protection circuitPower soft-start, current overload, short circuit, overheating, UHF, clip limiter, no relay output protection
Weight (Gross/Net)13kg/11kg13kg/11kg15kg/13kg15kg/13kg15kg/13kg
Dimensions483(W) x 377(D) x 88(H) mm