Wanda Plaza successful application for Thinuna public address system in Mudanjiang!

2020-06-04 thinuna 127

        The Thinuna PA systems are successful application to the whole project of Wanda plaza in Mudanjiang!

Mudanjiang Wanda Plaza with 750,000 square meters is a city complex, and it’s the first Wanda Plaza in Mudanjiang, Also it’s the big commercial real estates projects in Mudanjiang! 

Mudanjiang Wanda plaza includes: International shopping center, Furnished apartment, Wanda’s community and Wanda’s Gold shop..etc. From Systematic layouts and International operations to create a good sources polymeride of the city center. As the great masterpiece of Wanda group, the one-stop experience of Mudanjiang Wanda plaza can satisfy all kinds of requirement such as: shopping, leisure, entertainment and dining! The Wanda plaza will become the new center of city!

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