DEKEN DA-E 2-CH high performance professional digital power amplifier

2022-11-07 deken 14

The DA-E Series is a new generation of high fidelity, high power stereo output professional digital amplifiers developed by DEKEN, continuing the design concept of the exquisite and excellent 1U model. The manufacturing process strictly implements international quality system standards and has a perfect management and monitoring system. The device uses PWM audio modulation technology, power factor correction (PFC) and other advanced technologies to improve the performance of the amplifier and reduce the consumption of power supply current, so that the series has a very high efficiency. Provide stable and reliable 2Ω drive capability, suitable for a variety of speaker use requirements. At the same time, it adopts the design of 90V-270V wide voltage operation, which can adapt to various power supply environments around the world. The series provides 2-channel and 4-channel model options, suitable for a variety of large stadiums, mobile performances, entertainment projects, cinemas and various commercial audio system projects.


  • DEKEN classic 1U ultra-thin chassis design, novel appearance, lightweight design, saving space and transportation costs.

  • Using PWM audio modulation technology, with high efficiency power conversion circuit, effectively recycling useless electric energy, strong power output, low power supply consumption, green and environmental protection.

  • Removable and washable dust filter screen.

  • Front panel precise gain control, with power, signal, clip and protection working signal lights.

  • Adopting active PFC and soft switching technology, high power correction factor and strong adaptability.

  • High stability, high fidelity sound quality and sufficient power.

  • 90V-270V wide voltage design, can adapt to a variety of global power supply environment.

  • Stable and reliable 2Ω drive capability, suitable for a variety of speaker use requirements.

  • The bass is strong and thick, the mid frequency is mellow and sweet, and the high frequency is clear and delicate.

  • The design of heat dissipation and exhaust system from the back to the front ensures the long-term and high-reliability operation and use of the device.

  • The rear DIP switch is used to select stereo or bridged operating modes.

  • Unique fully automatic protection circuit design for each channel, with DC, overheat, overload and limiting protection functions. Standby automatic sleep mode, power saving and durable, effectively ensuring the safety and long-term use of the device.








8Ω Stereo

2000W X2

2800W X2

3000W X2

3500W X2

4200W X2

4Ω Stereo

3400W X2

4800W X2

5000W X2

6500W X2

7800W X2

2Ω Stereo

4800W X2

6800W X2

7100W X2

7500W X2

8500W X2

8Ω Bridge

6800W X1

9600W X1

1000W X1

13000W X1

15600W X1

4Ω Bridge

9600W X1

9800W X1

10000W X1

15000W X1

17000W X1


<0.5%, 20Hz-20kHz


>110dBA (20Hz-20kHz A weighted)

Frequency response

20Hz-20kHz @ 8 Ω ±0.5dB

Gain selection


Conversion rate

50 V/µs @ 8 Ω



Damping factor

>5000 @ 20-200 Hz

Power supply method

PFC Power

Output stage

Class D

Operating Voltage



Short circuit, DC output, overload, low voltage

Indicator light

Signal light, signal strength light, two-color clipping protection light

Input interface

XLR Female Socket

Output interface


Weight (Gross / Net)


Dimensions (W X D X H)


Packing dimensions (W X D X H)

0.076CBM, 61.5(W)X61.5(D)X20(H)CM