Thinuna UR-288

Features:True diversity receiver, Dual-channels independent infomation selection systems can minimize the frequency break occurrence.Dual-channels independent frequency automatic s

  • Model No.: UR-288
  • Name: Pro-ture diversity dual receiver wireless microphone
  • Standard: CE,ROHS


  • True diversity receiver, Dual-channels independent frequency selection systems can minimize the frequency break occurrence.

  • Dual-channels independent frequency automatic search function can scan work environment where interference minimum frequency and locked quickly.

  • Through the IR infrared frequency technology, receiver and transmitter can synchronize the code with one key.

  • Professional performance level phase lock circuit, With noise lock squelch control and digital pilot technology when the transmitter is turned off, Pilot control silences the AF signal to suppress noise, while silencing the corresponding receiver.

  • Make sure it can impede the interference signal.

  • Backlit LED display indicates the work status for the strength of RF and AF signal, battery status, diversity channel indication (A / B), frequency, frequency group / channel.

  • Using "Audio Reference" patented technology has a good dynamic response of the sound quality.

  • True diversity wireless system is designed for touring and fixed installation purposes  to provide the high reliability, sound quality and transmission stability.

  • Operating frequency: 640-690MHzMHz

  • Scope of Work: under typical conditions of 100 meters, outdoor 150 meters in straight line. In high power mode is 150 meters, outdoor 300 meters in straight line. Actual working range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference.

  • Audio Frequency Response: 40 - 18,000 Hz, (+ 1 dB, -3 dB).

  • Overall system frequency response depends on the selected microphone unit.

  • 50MHz  bandwidth has 200 selectable frequencies.

Receiver( UR-288)

  • Operating frequency: 640-690MHz

  • Microcomputer CPU control.

  • PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology

  • 2 * 100 channels for free selection with LCD display.

  • Infrared frequency.

  • S / N SNR:> 105dB.

  • T.H.D Distortion:<0.5%.

  • Frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz.

  • Noise locked squelch control + Tone code navigation lock squelch control.

  • Audio dynamic expansion and automatic level control circuit.

  • True diversity reception (dual tuner frequency receiver selection information).

Transmitter (handheld microphone: UR-288; pocket transmitter: BT2)

  • Operating frequency: 640-690MHz microcomputer CPU control.

  • PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology  2 * 100 channels free choice for multifunction LCD.

  • Unique audio / RF level display, battery voltage display Infrared frequency,

  • Frequency stability: ± 0.002.

  • Pickup gain adjustment knob: -20dB to + 35dB.

  • FM maximum modulation frequency offset: ± 45KHz RF.

  • RF output power: High 10mW / 5mW low.

  • High harmonics: less than 60dB above of the main quasi-wavelet.

  • Full aluminum structure.

  • Battery: 2 AA batteries - about 8 hours of continuous use.

  • Gross weight: 4.16kg

  • Packing dimensions: 530 x 420 x 80 (mm)

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