Thinuna AutoPlay TTS autoplay (with automatic speech synthesis)

Integrated music and broadcast design “AutoPlay TTS Broadcast Master” realizes music playback, broadcast broadcasting, working time setting, task management functions, and makes your broadcast an

  • Model No.: AutoPlay TTS autoplay
  • Name: Thinuna


  • Integrated music and broadcast design

 “AutoPlay TTS Broadcast Master” realizes music playback, broadcasting, working time setting, task management functions, and makes your broadcasting work fully automatic, unattended, and saves you the cost of hiring professional announcers.

  • Task management, everything is efficient and orderly

Through the task management function, the music and broadcast tasks cannot be executed stably and in a timely manner due to the "fatigue, volatility, and durability" of the traditional manual operation mode.

  • Three major languages, the top ten reading engine broadcast

It integrates three major languages: Mandarin, Cantonese and English. The top ten reading engines are Chinese soft/motivated female voice, Chinese standard/inspired male voice, English soft/motivated female voice, English standard/inspired male voice, Cantonese soft/motivated female voice.

  • Emotional adjustment

If the top ten reading engine provided by AutoPlay TTS is not enough for your audiovisual requirements, you can customize the reading effect you want according to your needs. Soft, low or passionate or more, everything is in your fingers!

  • Easily free your pen with built-in documents

Built-in nearly 100 kinds of standard broadcast document templates for various industries, so that your broadcast document content is more professional, the format is more standard, the theme is more prominent, and you can solve the trouble of not having a full-time copy.

  • Rights management, eliminate random operations

Through the built-in 9 kinds of permission settings, users can only strictly control the operation of music playback, broadcasting, task formulation, and document template selection within the scope of authorization, so as to prevent random operation.

  • Dictionary correction

Still worrying about the correct reading of your documents for the broadcast software? The “AutoPlay TTS Broadcast Master” comes with a dictionary correction function, which allows you to set specific words and phrases to the desired pronunciation. For example, yinxing can be set to (yin hang).

  • Temporary ads play at any time

There are always some things that we can't set, such as tracing people, lost and found, but the "AutoPlay TTS Broadcast Master" has been considered for you, and it is a temporary broadcast!

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