Thinuna VA-5000 Enhanced Central Control Panel

This system integrates discussion and conference, video tracking and voting functions.

  • Model No.: VA-5000
  • Name: Enhanced Central Control Panel
  • Standard: CE ; ROHS


Features :

This system integrates discussion and conference, video tracking and voting functions. It can realize video tracking function with VA-400C/400D speaking unit and VA-430C/430D embedded speaking unit, and cooperate with VA-500C/500D speaking unit and VA-530C/530D embedded speaking unit can realize video tracking, voting and IC card sign-in function. Hand-in-hand connection, high-definition, high-fidelity sound quality, high-fidelity speakers in the speaking unit. It can be connected to the computer, and the operator can easily control the venue with the help of the corresponding software, or can be used away from the computer. Including camera preset position setting, microphone management, representative sign-in, voting control, data display, etc. Video tracking can be done fully automatically or manually. The system host has a feedback suppression function to effectively prevent howling.

  • Based on Thinuna Net-Stream digital communication technology, in line with IEC60914 international standard

  • Built-in high-performance CPU, digital design, more stable system, faster calculation

  • Four sets of 8P-DIN microphone connection interfaces, can support 16 × 4 groups = 64 speaking units

  • Add extended hosts to connect up to 256 speaking units

Basic discussion conference system features:

  • Speaker number limit function, you can set the number of speaking units that are turned on at the same time (the number is 1~12)

  • Unlimited discussion mode (all microphones can speak)

  • FIFO, after reaching the limit, The last opened unit covers the first opened unit

  • Apply for a speech, all statements, rejected or approved by the chairman

  • Sound control is activated, the unit is controlled by sound, and the voice control threshold can be adjusted.

  • Mute the speaker unit and adjacent unit speakers to effectively suppress feedback

Enhanced conference system features:

  • Video tracking function with video tracking host VA-6300

  • With the voting host VA-6800, the check-in and voting functions can be realized. The result can be displayed on the LCD of all devices (only for the VA-500C/D speaking unit with LCD)

  • Cooperate with simultaneous interpretation and infrared transmission host VA-6900 to realize infrared simultaneous interpretation function

  • Compatible units: VA-400C/D and VA-430C/D (discussion + video tracking); VA-500C/D and VA-530C/D (discussion + video tracking + voting + IC sign-in)

  • 5-button voting button for multiple voting modes (only for VA-500C/D and VA-530C/D):

  • Voting method: yes / abstained / objected;

  • Election method/investigation method: choose one of the five candidates (1/2/3/4/5);

  • How to respond: Evaluate something or evaluate someone (--/-/0/+/++);

  • Grading method: Evaluate something or rate someone (0/25/50/75/100);

  • Speaking time setting: 1 to 250 minutes

  • Optional chair-only mode: only the chairman microphone can be activated

  • Optional speaking unit stops speaking time limit automatic shutdown mode

  • Optional chairman priority cut off tone

Signal input and output and panel control:

  • A set of wired microphone input connectors for independent volume adjustment

  • One set of Aux auxiliary inputs, independent volume adjustment

  • Four sets of conference microphone output interfaces, independent adjustment of the volume of the speaking unit

  • One set of Line main output connectors, independent volume adjustment

  • Built-in 1W monitor speaker, independent volume adjustment

  • LED volume level indicator

  • Dedicated T-type 8P-DIN connecting cable

  • Output supplied to speaking unit is 24VDC safe voltage


Specification :

Model No.


Power supply




Frequency response













13 m T-type 8P-DIN extension cable

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