Thinuna VA-500D representative unit (video tracking + voting + IC card sign-in)

In line with IEC60914 international standard

  • Model No.: VA-500D
  • Name: Representative unit (video tracking + voting + IC card sign-in)
  • Standard: CE;ROHS


Features :

  • In line with IEC60914 international standard

  • Exquisite and elegant countertop structure, ergonomic, simple and generous, cater to the times

  • Discussion, video tracking, five-key voting, IC card sign-in function, you can set the unit address code through the host

  • High brightness 160×32 graphics LCD display, online display:

  • Number of speakers, number of applicants, voting results, number of people signing in, etc.

  • Various short messages (system administrators can send short messages to all or a certain conference unit)

  • Chinese/English language menu (can be customized in other languages)

  • 5-button voting button can achieve multiple voting methods (out of the computer can be controlled by the chairman unit 1)

  • Voting method: yes / abstained / objected;

  • Election method/investigation method: choose one of the five candidates (1/2/3/4/5);

  • response: Evaluate something or evaluate someone (--/-/0/+/++);

  • Grading method: Evaluate something or rate someone (0/25/50/75/100);

  • High sensitivity cardioid pointing condenser microphone

  • Two-color halo status indicator (normal speaking: red light is on; application for speech: red light flashes; waiting for speech: green light is on)

  • Stop speaking limited time automatic shutdown mode

  • Microphone tube can be bent, detachable, microphone core replaceable windshield

  • Built-in hi-fi speaker with volume adjustment knob

  • After the microphone is turned on, built-in hi-fi speaker and the adjacent left and right monitor speakers automatically turn off which suppress feedback effectively.

  • 1* 3.5mm external headphone jack, plugged in o the headset to automatically turn off the speaker, with volume adjustment knob

  • 1*3.5mm external microphone jack for access to the lavalier microphone

  • Speaking microphone turn on button and priority speaking button

  • The number of chairman microphones is unlimited and can be placed anywhere in the loop

  • 390mm microphone tube with extended length

  • Dedicated T-type 8P-DIN connecting cable

  • 24VDC safe voltage supply, provided by the host


Specification :

Model No.


Power supply

24VDC is provided by the host

Frequency response






MIC length


Base size


Net weight



T-type 8P-DIN extension cable,monitoe headphones

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