DEKEN FLEX P6 6" Active speaker

SPECIFICATIONS:System type: 2 unit 2-way full range frequency active loudspeaker Max SPL: 112dBNominal impedance: 8 OhmsFrequency bandwidth(-10dB): 63Hz—20KHzNominal coverage pattern(-6dB): 90°Hor.×90

  • Model No.: FLEX P6
  • Name: 6" Active speaker
  • Standard: CE ; RoHS


System type: 2 unit 2-way full range frequency active loudspeaker 

Max SPL: 112dB

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Frequency bandwidth(-10dB): 63Hz—20KHz

Nominal coverage pattern(-6dB): 90°Hor.×90°Ver.

Speaker component: Ferromagnetic paper cone tweeter 2″ × 1

                                  Ferromagnetic low frequency driver 6.5″ (38mm voice coil 100 magnetic) × 1

Crossover mode: Passive

Enclosure: 12mm(0.5″) High quality MDF

Color: Default is black, other colors can be customized

Dimensions: W206*D200*H330mm

Weight(each): 5.8kg

Signal processing

Input connection: MIC/XLR female X 1;   Line/XLR female X 1  

Output connection: Line/XLR male X 1 

Signal input sensitivity: 0.775V RMS

Signal input impedance: 10~20KΩ

Adjustable bass gain

Adjustable treble gain

Amplification system

Amplification type: Class D

Power: 80W(AES)

Distortion: < 0.02%

Reference applications: suitable for multi-functional halls, auditoriums, lecture halls, conference rooms, KTV, bars and other fixed installation or mobile performance

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