Thinuna VA-7000T Full-featured digital conference controller (discussion + video + voting)

Features:VA-7000 series is the new generation of high-end digital conference system newly developed by Thinuna. Original digital conference IOT system technology, using DSP/DDOV digital processing and

  • Model No.: VA-7000T
  • Name: Full-featured digital conference controller
  • Standard: CE;ROHS

  • VA-7000 series is a new generation of high-end digital conference system newly developed by Thinuna. The original digital conference IOT system technology, using DSP/DDOV digital processing and transmission technology, in line with IEC60065 international standard.

  • Equipped with a 4.5" TFT touch screen, the system setting can be completed without a computer, improving the efficiency of installation and debugging.

  • The use of aluminum alloy panel embedded with Mohs hardness grade 6 touch glass, graphic human-machine interface for easy and intuitive operation.

  • Equipped with high-performance ARM Cortex A9 industrial-grade embedded processor, 1.4GHz main frequency and 1G memory, running faster.

  • Super ability of anti-cellphone interference, no noise is generated when a call comes in, effectively isolate cellphone (2G/3G/4G/5G) and radio wave (RF), Bluetooth, WiFi and other signal interference.

  • Support multi-language menu selection,  including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English display menus, and menu language can be customized according to demand.

  • The host has a built-in DSP digital audio processing module, which can effectively ensure the internal information of the system and eliminate interference, distortion, crosstalk and other phenomena to the greatest extent.

  • Built-in adaptive feedback suppression (AFC), ambient noise cancellation (AEC), 5-band digital equalizer (EQ), automatic gain control (AGC) function, using 48KHz audio sampling frequency, frequency response is 20Hz-20KHz.

  • With 8-CH unit output, including 2-CH RJ45 network transmission interface and 6-CH 8-core professional shielded interface (can be 8-CH RJ45), supporting the connection of 280 units.

  • The system capacity is 78,000 units, supporting ring hand in hand, one-wire type, T type connection.

  • Built-in multi-channel internal communication and conference service function, the conference host can receive the service request information sent by the conference unit.

  • With intelligent automatic protection technology to ensure that the conference audio signal is not interrupted in the event of a non-power failure of the conference host.

  • Built-in perpetual calendar, with speech timing function, the display screen can dynamically display the date, week and time, the system can automatically synchronize the computer date, week and time.

  • With automatic detection function. With quantity detection, audio detection, key detection and list display functions for chairman unit, VIP unit and delegate unit.

  • Using the ID addressing method, the unit number can be customized to ensure the unique ID number, which can effectively avoid the repeated ID conflicts.

  • Supports automatic repair and quick location of system failures without affecting the operation of other devices.

  • Built-in camera tracking function, supporting PELCO-D, PELCO-P, SONY, SAMSUNG, tracking host and other control protocols.

  • Support the connection of 4 HD cameras, the max can be connected to 8 HD cameras. Can be configured with 4 × 4 or 4 × 1 HDMI HD video matrix automatic switching optional, customizable SDI interface.

  • Connecting HD video decoding box can realize automatic video signal switching with HD matrix, with camera linkage picture freezing function.

  • Support to detach from the use of software, camera remote control and control keyboard, you can adjust, save and recall the preset on the conference host touch screen. Support RS-232 and RS-485 two kinds of control interface and control mode, cameras can be connected in series or in parallel with each other.

  • Built-in electronic voting function, with sign-in, voting, election, response, scoring and other data management functions.

  • Support key and IC card sign-in, make-up sign-in and other functions. Sign-in countdown and sign-in data can be displayed dynamically in real time.

  • Supports both secret and registered voting. All votes can be exported and archived, and support printing in graphic and text form.

  • With extended simultaneous interpretation function, can be extended 4/8/12/16/20/32/64 different languages simultaneous interpretation function.

  • With voice separation technology, support the extension of 8/16/32/64 channels of analog audio signal output for infrared simultaneous interpretation system or recording equipment.

  • Support extended web page control function, which can be accessed through a browser to set and adjust various functions of the conference without installing a program.

  • Support extended Dante protocol audio output, can communicate with other Dante audio devices for voice-communication.

  • With dual-machine hot backup function, a conference host can be set as a backup host, when the conference host is abnormal, the backup host will take over automatically.

  • The system is equipped with automatic repair function and supports the function of "hot swapping" of the line with power, which makes the security of the system get greater protection.

  • Built-in U disk / SD card automatic recording module, can record all audio content in the conference, can support 2000 hours of continuous recording.

  • with fiber optic expansion interface, long distance transmission sound quality does not attenuate, can achieve long distance two conference rooms merged into one conference room.

  • With extended conference service display connection, it can dynamically display the processing status of conference service requests.

  • With fire alarm signal, remote video conference, background music or other auxiliary audio source input interface.

  • Support access to other condenser microphones or dynamic microphones, providing users with more choices. The system can connect 180 chairman units at the same time, the chairman unit has priority function, and also can shut down other delegate units that are speaking.

  • With intelligent identity identification function, can allocate conference authority and conference management authority.

  • Support online setting and modification of unit identity, the identity of chairman unit, VIP unit and delegate unit can be reassigned and set according to demand.

  • Any chairman or delegate unit can be set as VIP unit. The speech of VIP unit is not restricted, and a maximum of 180 VIP units can be set.

  • With the function of approving and rejecting any unit application to change into chairman unit, VIP unit and delegate unit.

  • With eight meeting modes:

  • First-in-first-out mode: After reaching the set number, the last opened unit covers the first opened unit.

  • Last-in-first-out mode: After reaching the set number, the last opened unit covers the previous opened unit (by PC software setting).

  • Quantity limit mode: The number of speakers is limited to 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9, and the chairman and VIP are not limited in number. After the set number is reached, it cannot be opened except the chairman unit and VIP unit.

  • Chairman permission (request to speak) mode: All delegate units are approved or rejected by the chairman unit, and the chairman unit and VIP unit are not restricted.

  • Voice activated mode: voice activation automatically turns on the unit, and automatically turns off the unit when no speech is detected.

  • Limited time speaking mode: You can set a fixed speaking time, and the conference unit will be automatically closed when the speaking time is over.

  • Queue speech mode: After reaching the set number, the opened units will be opened in sequence.

  • Free discussion mode: There is no limit on the number of conference units, and all conference units can be opened at the same time.

  • With 1-CH XLR, 4-CH RCA, 1-CH TRS audio outputs and 1-CH XLR, 2-RCA audio inputs, can adjust the volume independently.

  • Support restore factory value function, support one key reset to factory state, prevent parameter mis-setting.

  • The host and computer can use RS-232 and TCP/IP connection mode, support remote control, diagnosis and upgrade procedures, easy to complete the after-sales and technical support work.

  • Built-in AC100V~240V international universal power supply and voltage stabilization system, to ensure safe and stable use of voltage in unstable situations.

  • Adopt three-level anti-static and lightning protection technology, can resist 8000V static electricity, and meets the national standard of GB/T17618-1998.




Host power supply


Frequency response






Recording interface

USB interface

Audio input

RCA (socket) x 2,  6.3mm (socket) x 1 (Alarm audio)

Audio output

RCA (socket) x 2,  6.3mm (socket) x 1,  XLR (socket) x 1

Mic unit interface

Round head DIN-6 socket interface x 6 and RJ45 network port x 2

Cascade interface

Round head DIN-6 socket interface x 2 and RJ45 network port x 2

Video switching communication   interface

232 serial port x1

HD video switching interface

HDMI 4 x 1, 4x4 (Optional SDI customization)

Dante module


Central control interface

232 serial port x1

Camera control interface

S terminal, 5P terminal

Computer interface

USB port x1, RJ45 network port x1

Dimensions (W×D×H)



Gray black