Thinuna VA-740C Touch display type chairman unit

VA-7000 series is a new generation of high-end digital conference system newly developed by Thinuna, with exquisite and elegant design, ergonomic and very modern. Original digital conference IOT syste

  • Model No.: VA-740C
  • Name: Touch display type chairman unit
  • Standard: CE; ROHS

VA-7000 series is the latest generation of all-digital conference system developed by Thinuna combined with intelligent network technology, with an overall exquisite and elegant design. Streamlined design with embedded steel mesh, glass or acrylic and metal lines, ergonomic and very modern. Original digital conference IOT system technology, in line with IEC60914 international standard. With speech discussion, camera automatic tracking function. Built-in innovative DSP digital audio processing circuit, with automatic gain AGC, digital equalization EQ, environmental noise elimination AEC function, frequency response up to 30Hz-20KHz, 48KHz audio sampling frequency, pickup sensitive, clear voice, improve the clarity of the entire conference system. Using high-fidelity 9.7 mm gold-plated high-sensitivity condenser pickup head, accurate calculation of the aperture and spacing, to provide no less than 60CM pickup range of human voice frequency response. (Optional: square array microphone pole with dual-diaphragm cardioid directivity, supporting pickup distance above 80CM, max pickup distance up to 120CM).  

  Two microphone optional  


  • Adopt "ring hand in hand" connection, support 8-core conference dedicated cable or CAT5 network cable connection.

  • The use of integrated molding pickup steel mesh design, combined with interference correction technology to accurately control pickup details, can accurately control the pickup angle, to avoid acoustic feedback and whistling.

  • Using high-sensitivity capacitive touch-sensitive key technology, switch touch keys, switch without mechanical key sound, long service life.

  • Adopting 8-inch capacitive induction touch panel and 160×128 specification high-brightness display, it can display system number, speaking time and other conference information.

  • Supports speech timing and timed speech functions, supports dynamic display of speech time, and can set the countdown time for speech.

  • Support digital ID addressing, customizable ID number, with digital identification code, signal flow can be output to third-party voice recognition system to convert into text archiving.

  • With the high-definition camera, it can automatically track the speaker and realize automatic screen switching, support the picture freezing function, and support multiple cameras to track the same conference unit.

  • The number of speakers is limited to 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9, the number of chairmen and VIP is not limited. The number of speakers in free discussion mode is not limited and all units can be opened.

  • Support intelligent audio detection function, when two adjacent units are close to each other, the audio automatically reverse-phase attenuation to ensure that no whistling.

  • With Web page control system, you can directly input IP address to operate and control the system without installing software, and support Windows, Android, iOS all-platform operating system.

  • The system supports a maximum of 180 chairman units, and the chairman unit has the function of controlling the order of the conference and the priority of speaking, and can shut down other delegate units that are speaking.

  • With the chairman of the dedicated speaking mode, and supports Web to apply for service screen to handle the delegate unit request to speak function, the chairman can approve and deny the delegate unit application to speak.

  • With three identity rights, the conference unit supports online application to modify the unit identity, and can reset and assign the identity of the chairman unit, VIP unit, and delegate unit.

  • Any chairman or delegate unit can be set as VIP unit, and the speech of VIP unit is not restricted, supporting a max of 180 VIP units.

  • With automatic detection function, the number of online chairman units, VIP units and delegate units can be detected, and the system operation status can be seen at a glance.

  • With line power "hot swap" function, support automatic repair and rapid positioning of system failure, and does not affect the operation of other equipment.

  • Support multi-language selection display, including Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, and English display menus, menu language can be customized according to demand.

  • Support three color indication display, normal speech for red, VIP unit speech for green, numbered status for yellow.

  • With super anti-interference ability, it can effectively isolate cell phone, radio wave, Bluetooth, WiFi and other signal interference, no noise is generated when a call comes in.

  • Equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack, as a participant conference monitoring or recording use, you can initialize the audio adjustment to prevent the audio confusion.

  • The microphone pole connector and all studs are made of pure copper to restore sound quality, ensure quality stability and ensure the pickup distance and sound quality.

  • Using high-quality sponge cover, with good elasticity contraction, good breathability and anti-loose function, not easy to fall off and deformation in use.




MIC sensitivity


Frequency response


Dynamic range





< 0.01%

Operating voltage

24V DC±5%

Operating current

40mA ±5%

Microphone Type

9.7mm gold-plated high-sensitivity condenser pickup head (optional dual cardioid directional electret, 14mm gold-plated microphone core*2)

Connection method

Ring hand in hand

Connection port

RJ45 network port or 8-core

Max number of units opened


Numbering function

You can define the ID number by yourself.


High-sensitivity touch-sensitive type

Power consumption


Backup function

With digital and analog dual backup

Equivalent noise

26dBA  (SPL)


136dB (THD<3%)

Headphone output port

Φ3.5mm Stereo jack

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