Thinuna VA-750D Touch control high sensitive delegate unit (voting)

VA-7000 series is a new generation of high-end digital conference system newly developed by Thinuna, with exquisite and elegant design, ergonomic and very modern. Original digital conference IOT syste

  • Model No.: VA-750D
  • Name: Touch control high sensitive delegate unit (voting)
  • Standard: CE; ROHS

VA-7000 series is a new generation of high-end digital conference system newly developed by Thinuna, with exquisite and elegant design, ergonomic and very modern. Original digital conference IOT system technology, in line with IEC60914 international standard. With speech discussion, camera automatic tracking, conference voting and sign-in function. Built-in innovative DSP digital audio processing circuit to improve the clarity of the entire conference system. Adopt square array microphone pole with double diaphragm cardioid directivity, support pickup distance above 80CM, maximum pickup distance up to 120CM. Using 3.5-inch LCD touch control screen and graphic man-machine operation interface, it can display conference information functions such as speech time, conference service, perpetual calendar, and sign-in and voting data. Conference unit treble, medium and bass with independent adjustment function, conference unit with speech discussion, automatic camera tracking, conference voting and sign-in and other conference functions. Using advanced DSP/DDOV digital processing and transmission technology, the conference units are connected by CAT5 cable or eight-core DIN with shielded cable. Conference modes: quantity limit, first-in-first-out, last-in-first-out, chairman permission, application to speak, voice-activated, free discussion, queue speech mode. Voting function include sign-in, voting, election, response, scoring, and so on. With key sign-in, make-up sign-in, and other functions. With sign-in countdown, sign-in data real-time dynamic display function. It can realize 4/8/12/16/20/32/64 channels simultaneous interpretation, built-in internal communication and conference unit to send tea, paper and pencil, waiter and other conference service functions. With the function of ID automatic addressing, it can realize the custom ID number of the unit through the conference management software or the conference host, and realize the picture freezing function through the conference camera. Conference unit with ultra-quiet electronic touch switch, can avoid the mechanical sound amplification of the switch, can control the operation of the microphone pickup. With a bright LED indicator ring to indicate the working status, red when speaking. Support independent adjustment of the gain of the unit, can be adjusted on the unit or computer management software, so that people with different volumes can speak more smoothly. Provide 1 Ø 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack to connect headphone. The chairman unit has a priority button function to turn off the delegate unit that is speaking. The Priority button and the Permit button can be used to control the speaking order and control the conference atmosphere. The system can connect 160 chairman units at the same time, and the chairman unit has the priority function, which can also turn off other delegate units that are speaking. The vice-chair delegate unit can be set, and the speech is not restricted and will not be turned on or off by other delegate units. Support the line with power "hot swap" and the system has automatic repair function.




MIC sensitivity


Frequency response


Dynamic range





< 0.01%

Operating voltage

24V DC±5%

Operating current

40mA ±5%

Microphone Type

Dual cardioid directional electret, 17mm gold-plated microphone core*2

Product structure

Microphone length 17CM, detachable and adjustable angle, built-in dual cardioid directional electret, 8000 diameter less than 0.4MM high-density sound holes distribution outside, waterproof and dustproof.


Zinc alloy embedded Mohs hardness grade 6 touch glass mirror , 3.5" LCD screen, high sensitivity touch-sensitive control keys, highly sealed, waterproof and dustproof, easy to maintain.

Connection method

Ring hand in hand

Connection port

RJ45 network port or 8-core

Max number of units opened


Numbering function

You can define the ID number by yourself.

Power consumption


Backup function

With digital and analog dual backup

Equivalent noise

26dBA  (SPL)


136dB (THD<3%)

Headphone output port

Φ3.5mm Stereo jack

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