Thinuna WG-2450C II Touch screen dual diaphragm chairman unit

Features:This series is a new generation of high-end digital conference system newly developed by Thinuna, with an overall exquisite and elegant design, streamlined design, with embedded steel mesh, g

  • Model No.: WG-2450C II
  • Name: Touch screen dual diaphragm chairman unit
  • Standard: CE; ROHS


  • This series is a new generation of high-end digital conference system newly developed by Thinuna, with an overall exquisite and elegant design, streamlined design, with embedded steel mesh, glass or acrylic and metal line craftsmanship, ergonomic and very modern.

  • Original digital conference IOT system technology, in line with the IEC60914 international standard.

  • Multi-functional conference terminal with speech discussion, camera tracking and conference services in one.

  • Square high-sensitivity microphone pole with built-in dual-diaphragm hi-fi pick-up head, providing 80-120CM ultra-long pick-up distance, microphone angle can be adjusted to suit different speakers' needs.

  • Using 2.4G all-digital frequency hopping (DSSS) modulation communication technology, ISM band, voice data interaction via wireless transceiver, ensuring audio latency less than 5.5mS.

  • If there is any interference frequency during the meeting, the system automatically switches to high quality frequency band, which can fully coexist with WiFi and has super anti-interference.

  • Supports the simultaneous use of wireless and wired conferencing systems.

  • Built-in conference service function supports conference units to send demand notifications for refreshments, paper and pencils, waiters, etc.

  • Short message function for internal communication with other units or hosts.

  • Protected by military-grade APGETFX patented technology 128-bit AES Rijndael and 48-bit PIN encryption to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access, ensuring the privacy of the conference.

  • The system adopts ID addressing method, the conference controller or conference management software can customize the ID number of the unit to avoid duplication of ID numbers.

  • Super anti-interference ability, incoming calls never produce "zipping" sound, to ensure that the venue equipment is not subject to cell phone, Bluetooth, radio, WiFi and other signal interference.

  • With detachable high-capacity lithium-ion battery and low-power design, it can speak continuously for 40 hours and the standby life can reach 160 hours.

  • With four working modes: number limitation, first-in-first-out, speech application and voice-activated, it can support four conference units to speak at the same time.

  • With voice activation function, speak automatically open the microphone, no speech detected automatically shut down (optional with speech timing and timed speech function).

  • With the camera, the speaker can be automatically tracked and support the screen freeze function.

  • With 8-inch capacitive induction touch panel and 160×128 high-brightness display, it can show the speaking time, ID address, signal strength, battery power, and operate intuitively and clearly.

  • Designed with advanced static isolation technology to avoid static electricity even in dry environments and areas.

  • With voice start function to ensure the pick-up distance and sound quality, the pick-up distance is up to 80-120cm.

  • Support 48K audio sampling frequency, frequency response up to 40Hz-20KHz, close to the CD sound quality effect.

  • Microphone pole with indicator ring to show status information such as speaking, setting video, ID not numbered, and prompting.

  • The microphone pole adopts a spiral detachable design, which is convenient for equipment transportation, storage, installation, and maintenance and storage during recess.

  • Built-in high-pass filter function to remove low frequency components from the sound when needed.

  •  Can access 460 units or chairman units at the same time, one executive chairman and several vice chairmen can be set, the executive chairman has priority and control, and the vice chairman has priority.

  • Built-in innovative DSP digital audio processing circuit, with automatic gain AGC, 5-band digital equalization EQ, environmental noise elimination AEC function, sensitive pickup, clear voice, improve the clarity of the entire conference system.

  • Adopt stable performance capacitive induction touch button and support glove mode.

  • With two 3.5 mm headphone ports for conference monitoring and recording, volume adjustable .

  • With the function to calibrate the unit button, the sensitivity of the touch button is fully guaranteed.

  • With 1 Micro USB data port, it can be free from disassembling the device to upgrade the program and maintenance, available USB cable to charge the battery, and the unit can be used normally when USB charging.

  • With factory reset function to initialise audio adjustment.

  • Microphone length 21CM, detachable and adjustable angle, built-in dual cardioid directional electret, 8000 diameter less than 0.4MM high-density sound holes distribution outside, waterproof and dustproof.



WG-2450C II

Working frequency


Communication distance


Receiving / transmitting angle

360 ° all-round

System capacity

single 460 units, can be expanded 78000 units


160 × 128 high brightness display

Microphone type

cardioid directional electret 14mm gold-plated microphone core * 2  

Frequency response

20 ~ 20KHz



Dynamic range



< 0.01%

Microphone sensitivity


Li-ion battery capacity


Operating power supply

 3.6V DC

Unit power consumption


Standby working current


Speaker working current


Equivalent noise

 20dBA (SPL)

Camera tracking



 126dB (THD<3%)

Number of units open

 1/2/3/4 units

Numbering function

 customizable ID number

Maximum number of chairman

 4 units

Number of VIPs can be set

 4 sets


 Dark gray





Mic pole length


Installation method

 desktop type

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