Thinuna DAP-3232M-DT Network Media Matrix (Dante)

Features:32-bit DSP chip processing with a 96 kHz sampling rate and 24 bit A D / DA conversion.Full mixing matrix design, with 16-CH local analog input, 16-CH local analog output, 16-CH Dante network

  • Model No.: DAP-3232M-DT
  • Name: Network Media Matrix (Dante)
  • Standard: CE ; RoHS


  • 32-bit DSP chip processing with a 96 kHz sampling rate and 24 bit A D / DA conversion.

  • Full mixing matrix design, with 16-CH local analog input, 16-CH local analog output, 16-CH Dante network input, and 16-CH Dante network output.

  • The Dante digital network audio card is configured with dual standard network interface, fully supporting cascade switching and hot backup functions. Software internal and local analog signals can achieve full mixing matrix processing, each channel has an independent DSP processing function!

  • The powerful AUX channel has independent feedback suppression function, PEQ equalization processing, compressor / limit function, and automatic mixing processing function: the mixing threshold, amplitude, start time, recovery time and other parameters are continuously adjustable. At the same time, it has the automatic camera tracking trigger function: the trigger threshold, amplitude, start time, recovery time and other parameters are continuously adjustable.Also has AEC automatic echo cancellation and background noise reduction, which can effectively reduce the acoustic echo problem in the remote conference environment generated by the secondary pickup of the microphone and also effectively eliminates the inherent environmental noise in the scene such as air conditioners and fans. Can ensure that in any environment can be achieved without noise, high-definition live audio conference and remote video conference.

  • Each analog input channel has + 48V phantom power supply, the microphone and line input gain can be switched, the microphone input sensitivity is adjustable.

  • The input channel processing part includes low cut, parametric equalization, noise gate, gain, mute, phase, linked adjustment, volume group adjustment and other processing functions.

  • The output channel processing part includes crossover, parametric equalization, gain, mute, compression/limiter, phase, delay, linked adjustment, volume group adjustment and other processing units.

  • The PEQ gain, bandwidth and frequency of all channels are continuously adjustable, and the types can be selected: parametric equalization, low shelf filter, high shelf filter, low cut filter, high cut filter, bandpass, bandstop, phase shift 1-order, phase shift 2-order.

  • All types of high cut and low cut filters can be selected: Butterworth, Linquirelli, Bessel, slope continuous optional.

  • The threshold value, start time, recovery time and retention time of the input channel noise gate are continuously adjustable. The compression / amplitude limit threshold of the output channel, ratio, start time, recovery time is continuously adjustable.

  • The delay modules of all output channels have a delay time of up to 680ms.

  • The parameter settings between any channel can be freely copied, and any channel can be linked to adjust.

  • Built-in test signal generator, output mode can choose pink noise, white noise and 20Hz-20 kHz sine wave adjustable, signal amplitude adjustable.

  • The front panel has input and output level indicator light, USB online control port, and the rear panel has standard Ethernet remote control RJ 45 port and RS232 & RS485 control port. IP address and ID address can be set, network and cascade management can realize the control of up to 255 machines, and have the remote login password protection function, make the system more stable, more secure.

  • Designed with a complete control code base, fully support the control and management of third-party central control, including all volume control, preset scene call, parameter query and code return, the current level value return display, the 4 group control of any input and output channels, etc.

  • There are 12 user scene presets, the machine state and each preset can be stored and called separately, the system can choose to work in the instant storage state, and the adjusted parameters can be stored in the preset.

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