Our company has a professional R&D team with over ten years experience in product development. From DSP process technology, traditional analog products to switchable level technology, research items cover all the audio products. Our technology advantages see our services for many famous international brand names. We can provide total solution to customers, concluding appearance design, electronic design, software design, metals design, plastic design, packaging design and so on. We also provide professional production advices at the earliest stage , such as design for manufacture (DFM), processing control, product test , after-sale services, product version upgrade. Below shows some of the product types we are working on:

Digital Processor:

Audio Signal Digital Processing

Digital Effecter For PA Application

Digital Feedback Eliminator

Digital Effector of MI Application

Digital EQ

A/V Matrix

Professional Power- Amplifier:

Class D Power-Amplifier

Switching Power Power-Amplifier

Analog Power- Amplifier


4Ch - 48Ch Mixers

DJ Mixer

Powered Mixer

Audio Processor:

Graphic EQ



Signal Distributor


Cross Over

Music Instrument:

Analog Guitar Power-Amplifier

Digital Guitar Power-Amplifier

Bass Power-Amplifier 

Keyboard Power-Amplifier

KTV Products:

Analog Karaoke Power Amplifier

Digital Karaoke Power Amplifier

Karaoke Effecter Module

Analog Karaoke Pre-Amplifier

Digital Karaoke Pre- Amplifier

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