Quality is the concern of Longjoin and our customers.  Only products with good and consistent qualities can win the competitions.  Products with bad qualities could lead to unpredictable huge financial loss.  In Longjoin, quality products mean quality management, quality processes, quality materials, quality facilities and quality people. Whenever an investment is to put, whenever a decision is to make, whenever an action is to take, Longjoin always think of quality first.


We treasure the trusts built with our customers who are on the other sides of the globe.  That’s the foundation of the business, the foundation of international business.  Longjoin commits to quality, delivery and efficiency.


Do it fast, do it right and you will do it cheap.  It’s a simple philosophy and not easy to achieve.  We are so proud to maintain very high production efficiency and minimal scrap rate.  That’s in turn the benefit of cost effectiveness which is shared together with our customers and us.